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About IPS

IPS is a rapidly growing payment solutions provider specializing in prepaid products and services, which enable our clients to further deepen their customer relationships. We are driving next generation prepaid innovation with the ion® Visa® Prepaid Card, along with our exclusive MoneyPhone™ and iLoad™ products addressing P2P, mobile account access and check cashing and loading capabilities.

Our team is well positioned to assist your organization in developing and promoting financial services for your customers. Our core services include:


Program Development

We are experts in developing customer-driven, customized and
off-the-shelf prepaid solutions for retailers, financial institutions and distributors that will increase sales, usage and customer
retention, while maximizing profitability.


Program Management

We guide you through implementation, product launch and continued portfolio optimization. We are skilled at managing market leading, compliant prepaid programs which keep your customers satisfied with exceptional service and superior products and services.


IPS Core Values

  1. Dare to dream and be inspired
  2. Think like a customer
  3. Take responsibility for what is
  4. Embrace and drive growth and learning
  5. Preserve and protect integrity
  6. Edify and emulate excellence with passion and determination
  7. Determine needs before solutions
  8. Build a positive team and family spirit with communication
  9. Take time to rest, play and recharge
  10. Be real

Card Programs

Our card programs are customer-centric, offer competitive cardholder pricing and advanced features and benefits. We offer custom programs as well as ready to use out-of-the-box solutions.

ion® Visa® Prepaid Card

A General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) prepaid debit card that allows for co-branding with your organization as well as customized pricing and feature set to make a proven branded card program your very own.

ion® total Visa® Prepaid Card

A simple, turnkey GPR card solution that provides the opportunity to offer a ready-to-use program with rapid implementation, marketing support and portfolio performance based revenue increase opportunities.

ion® one Visa® Prepaid Card

A non-reloadable, no cash access prepaid card that is the perfect solution for customers seeking a simple, fast prepaid solution requiring no ID or application, that will enable them to make electronic payments. Cardholders can shop – online, in-person and by phone, pay bills and make purchases.

The ion Visa Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC.


Early Direct Deposit

There is increased pressure on your customers from employers and government benefit providers wanting to send pay electronically. More and more customers are seeking an alternative solution for receiving their pay. Unlike other prepaid card programs, our Early Deposit program provides cardholders with their funds up to 2 days earlier than payday – giving you a significant competitive advantage and your customers an added benefit.

Payment Innovation

Our service is best-in-class and our payment products are leading edge. We provide your programs with robust support and next generation payment utility.


IPS offers state-of-the-art solutions for acquiring and managing cardholder relationships including:

Cardholder Support

Providing cardholders with 24×7 support through both an automated IVR and live customer service hotline. Your cardholders can always expect assistance when they need it.

ID Verification

Our partnership with IDology provides for immediate verification of consumer information for quick card issuance. Our ID verification solutions provide one of the industry’s highest approval rates.

Robust Cardholder Account Management

Cardholders can log into their own card account 24×7 to view balances, transaction history, fees and more.

Marketing & Portfolio Optimization

Marketing programs designed to help you grow your business by experts who know prepaid and understand how it fits with your business and customers.


Cardholders can subscribe to free alerts (both SMS and email) to allow them to easily obtain card account information on their mobile phone.

Program Analytics

Understand how your program is performing and how to maximize your results with our robust suite of reporting tools.

Reload Convenience

In addition to direct deposit loads and in-location reload (when applicable), cardholders have the ability to reload with Green Dot® and Visa Readylink®. Both options offer convenience with over 50,000 retail location options.

  • Enable cardholders to access their card account from virtually anywhere at anytime from the convenience of their smartphone.
  • Attract new customers by expanding your relationships with nontraditional, mobile-savvy customers who may choose prepaid cards over traditional accounts.
  • Redefine how your customers think of mobile banking by enabling more dynamic transactions like our iLoad “mobile check cashing alternatives” and other on-the-go capabilities.
  • Provide a mobile solution for comprehensive support of your prepaid card brand.


iLoad is a unique and proprietary Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) technology that provides for same day loading of check proceeds to prepaid cards.


Led by an accomplished management team of retail, prepaid and payment executives, our team has launched and managed highly successful prepaid programs with retailers, financial institutions and distributors into the U.S., Canada and the U.K.






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